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Nancy shares insider details about the content inside Shawl Bootcamp!


Shawl Bootcamp Is Essentially Five Courses in One!

Here's Everything That's Included With Shawl Bootcamp:
  • Shawl 1: Transcendent Triangle Shawl Video Lessons and PDF Pattern
    ($49 Value)

  • Shawl 2: Accessible Asymmetrical Shawl Video Lessons and PDF Patter
    ($49 Value)

  • Shawl 3: Cathartic Crescent Shawl Video Lessons and PDF Patter
    ($49 Value)

  • Shawl 4: Rewarding Rectangular Shawl Video Lessons and PDF Patter
    ($49 Value)

  • Shawl 5: Peaceful Point to Point Shawl Video Lessons and PDF Patter
    ($49 Value)

  • BONUS: As an added bonus Nancy included some skill-building lessons on the front end of the bootcamp to ensure you’re prepared to knit each these shawls
    ($25 Value)

  • Total Bootcamp Value: $265

  • Special Launch Price: $94

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How do you knit shawls?

There are so many interesting ways to knit shawls!

Shawl knitting is such a fun and relaxing hobby and there are many different ways to create them. You can knit them back and forth - like a scarf, or from point to point, on a diagonal, or create a triangle.

In this course, you'll learn step-by-step how to knit five unique shawls using any weight yarn. That's nearly 35 different shawl options you can create!

Let's take a look at everything included in this online knitting class.

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❤️ Students Are LOVING The Shawls They Knit In Nancy's Bootcamp ❤️

"I have been crocheting for years but I shied away from knitting because frankly I was intimidated, I signed up for Nancy's Shawl Bootcamp and I am wondering why I waited so long to try this!"

-Deborah (Shawl Bootcamp Student)

In Shawl Bootcamp You'll Enjoy a Front-Row Seat to Every Knit and Purl

Unlike in-person classes where your view can be obstructed by other students, online knitting courses let you learn from a first-person perspective. It's as if you're doing the knitting yourself!

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Shawl Bootcamp Course Curriculum

Week 1: Transcendent Triangle Shawl

In this knitting class, before we even get into the shawls, you will be provided with helpful information you'll need as a shawl knitter.

Lessons include how to do the long tail cast on, working on circular needles, circular needles vs. interchangeable knitting needles, how to knit continental style, how to add a new skein of yarn, and how to straighten curly circular knitting needles.

Then we dive into Week 1 which is this gorgeous triangle shawl with an optional ruffled edge.

You'll learn how to create this shawl using any weight yarn from fingering to jumbo. I'll also show you my favorite way to steam block your shawl and how to use stitch markers.

Week 2: Accessible Asymmetrical Shawl 

Did you know with the magic of knitting, you can knit a diagonal shawl?

You'll be surprised to learn how easy it is and your friends will think you superbly talented!

I'll show you how to knit this shawl and my favorite tips for clean edges and how to knit this shawl without looking at the pattern!

Week 3: Cathartic Crescent Shawl

In week 3, you'll learn how to make a large crescent shawl with a gentle curve.

This shape is achieved with both a unique increase and a stretchy bind off.

You'll also learn how to wet block the shawl and how to use blocking wires effectively.

Week 4: Rewarding Rectangular Shawl

If lace knitting scares you, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the Week 4 class!

I'll show you how to knit this open and airy lace shawl that only uses knit stitches and yarn overs.

In addition, you'll learn my ninja tip for not having to rip out your entire project if you make a mistake as well as how to add fringe.

Week 5: Peaceful Point to Point Shawl

The last shawl in this online knitting course teaches you how to make a shawl that is worked from end to end while increasing only on one side.

You'll learn how to wind a hank into a ball, how to work with thick and thin yarns, and how to make tassels to finish your project.

When you complete this course, you'll have built your skills, improved your confidence, and have some really beautiful finished projects!

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Learn From an Published Author and Expert Knitter Who's Been Featured on Popular Blogs and Even QVC

Meet Your Instructor: Nancy Queen

Hi! I'm Nancy Queen, a knitting and crochet expert, and I'm here to help YOU learn to knit, crochet, and hone your needle crafting skills.

In my twenty-year knitting and crochet career I’ve taught thousands of students, published several books and even operated a retail store.

In all my knitting experience, nothing brings me more joy than to see a successful student create something beautiful and feel confident in themselves.

I'm thrilled for the opportunity to share this knowledge with you and help you become a self-assured knitter and be proud of what you can accomplish.

Take a peek at what's in the Shawl Bootcamp

It's packed with tips you didn't know you needed!

  1. Shawl Bootcamp
    • Welcome
    • Materials Needed for this Course.
  2. Shawl Essentials
    • Long Tail Cast On
    • Working on Circular Needles
    • Circular vs. Interchangeable Needles
    • Continental Style Knitting
    • Joining a New Skein of Yarn
    • How to Straighten Curly Circular Needles
  3. Week 1: Transcendent Triangle Shawl
    • Materials
    • Shawl Measurements + Different Yarn Weight Options
    • Ruffled Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern PDF
    • Triangle Shawl Tutorial
    • How to Add a Ruffled Edge
    • Weaving in Yarn Ends
    • How to Steam Block Your Shawl

  4. Week 2: Accessible Asymmetrical Shawl
    • The Asymmetrical Shawl
    • Materials
    • Asymmetrical Shawl Knitting Pattern PDF
    • Asymmetrical Shawl Tutorial
    • Pro Knitting Tip #1 Cleaner Finished Edges
    • Pro Knitting Tip #2 How to Knit this Shawl without Looking at the Pattern
    • Blocking Notes
  5. Week 3: Cathartic Crescent Shawl
    • The Crescent Shawl
    • Materials
    • Crescent Shawl Knitting Pattern PDF
    • Choosing Yarn/Needles for this Project
    • Crescent Shawl Tutorial
    • Easy Stretchy Bind Off
    • Crescent Shawl Blocking
  6. Week 4: Rewarding Rectangular Shawl
    • The Rectangular Shawl
    • Materials
    • Rectangular Shawl Knitting Pattern PDF
    • Rectangular Shawl Tutorial
    • Pro Tip Lifelines
    • Binding Off
    • How to Add Fringe
  7. Week 5: Peaceful Point to Point Shawl
    • The Point to Point Shawl
    • Materials
    • How to Wind a Hank into a Ball
    • Point to Point Shawl Knitting Pattern PDF
    • How to Make Tassels
    • Point to Point Shawl Tutorial
  8. Next Steps
    • What to Knit Next
    • Let's Keep Knitting Together
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After teaching hundreds of students online,

Nancy's average course rating is 4.81 out of 5


Here's what students are saying about Shawl Bootcamp:

Sandra Chansler


"Learned so much - Learned some techniques that I didn't know, always like learning.  Nancy is a great teacher and so easy to follow. It might take me time to get around to the class, but always enjoyable."

Elizabeth Lippoway


"I love how I continue to learn new techniques in each course. I have never tried continental style knitting, The calming way Nancy knits makes it look not as intimating as I thought it would be, I am eager to try it now. I have never tried the stretchy bind off, now I am eager to try this too. The list goes on and on of fun new learning techniques. Thank you Nancy!"

Susan Edwards


"Lots of good information and tips - Excited to get started on an actual shawl now! Thanks so much for offering this course.  just what I've been looking for."

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