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After teaching hundreds of students online Nancy's average course rating is 4.81 out of 5


Here's what student's are saying:

"The slow motion helped me to see how it works"
Cathy Moulton

"This lesson was a joy. You’ll not regret it."
Sally Kiewicz

"Very well written."
Margot Elliott

"The information that is provided is priceless."
Jenell Padilla

"Great beginner cowl pattern. Very easy to follow."
Lorrie Murphy

"Nancy is a great teacher and so easy to follow."
Sandra Chansler

"So easy to understand. My shawl came out beautiful."
Pearlee Dawson

"I love how I continue to learn new techniques in each course."
Elizabeth Lippoway

"Learned allot in joining yarn section. You have a calming voice, your pace was perfect."
Joann Fry

"I have more confidence now to try new things. Thanks Nancy."
Maria Viamonte

"Clear visual instructions! Thank you for the lovely pattern, too."
Patricial Moorhead

"Thanks so much for offering this course. just what I've been looking for."
Susan Edwards

"I am a cross stitch/embroidery instructor so I'm VERY particular about "instructors". Very satisfied and happy with this course!"
Gail Ulanski

"I have several years of knitting experience, but this basic foundation is giving me confidence to design my own patterns some day."
Ella Palmer

"I liked having a place to record my own goals and hopes for the class. Writing it down makes it more real and clarifies what I want out of the class."
Janice LaDuke

"The instructor did an excellent job of demonstrating techniques sequentially and giving helpful hints to avoid or correct mistakes during the knitting process."
Sylvia Murray

"Excellent print outs/downloads for reference."
Arlene Wright

"Thank you so much Nancy for all you are sharing and you are a great teacher."
Moa L

"Nancy’s very knowledgeable and has a passion for fiber arts. I can’t wait for the next course."
Amy Orr

"I loved this course! Very satisfied."
Jean Kagan

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